Haughton School

Wrekin Forest School Trip


Classes 7 & 10 had an absolutely brilliant day of outdoor learning and fun on their visit to Wrekin Forest School.  The purpose of the visit was to enhance their 'Stone Age' topic work and to find out more about scavengers and settlers.

During the day children enjoyed many outdoor activities.  They pretended to be stone age hunters and built shelters out of willow trees and mud (pretend poo!).

Children baked stone age bread with nettles in it and modern bread, then they compared the two.  The modern bread (with sugar) was voted the most tasty!

Children did some brilliant cave paintings and made elder necklaces with beads that they created themselves.  They also made their own paints - using fruit and petals to make colours.

Children thought it was really interesting looking in the woodwork shed and making their own stone age tools out of stones and branches.

Everyone had lots of fun, exploring and playing in the forest.

Well done to all the children who were absolutely fantastic and a credit to Haughton School.

What a great day!