Haughton School

Mr Owen's Retirement Celebrations

22 March 2024


Mr Owen has retired from Haughton School after an amazing 29 years dedicated service.

As well as his Teaching Assistant role, Mr Owen has been our P.E. Co-ordinator.  Over the years he has been instrumental in developing P.E. and Sports at Haughton School.  Mr Owen has run football sessions in break and lunch times and he has done a wonderful job with the school football team.  He has also arranged many fun and memorable sports days and events for the children including our annual Spooky/Bonfire Games!

Mr Owen will be greatly missed by children, staff and parents alike and I’m sure you will join us in thanking him for his hard work and dedication and wishing him a very happy retirement. Mr Owen is a keen gardener and we know he is looking forward to spending more time in his garden and enjoying quality time with his family.






Football Themed Day 

For Mr Owen's last day, we enjoyed a non-uniform, fun football themed day!

Children and staff came to school in football/sports themed clothes. Throughout the day, alongside their usual lessons, children enjoyed some fun football and sports games.

Party Time!

During the morning, Classes 1 & 2 surprised Mr Owen with a party!  Everyone wore 'Mr Owen' hats and enjoyed party nibbles. 

Mr Owen had visits from lots of children, past and present, and received lots of special cards, gifts and messages.


Goodbye from the Children

After lunch, we held a whole school special celebration assembly for the children to say thank you and farewell to Mr Owen.

It was lovely to share lots of special memories from over the years and to hear so many thoughtful goodbye messages from the children.

Players from the school football team presented Mr Owen with a signed football and a special Haughton School football shirt - with OWEN 29 on the back!



Staff Farewell 

After school we all got together for everyone to say their goodbyes.

In 'This is your Life' style, we surprised Max by welcoming back some of his previous colleagues and friends, which some of you may recognise and remember!

A big thank you to everyone who came along, it really did mean a lot.



Mr Jones came all the way from Wales to say goodbye!

Farewell Messages

Mr Owen watched a video compilation of some very special messages from children who had attended Haughton School when they were younger.  He was genuinely moved by each and every one.

A huge thank you to everyone who took time to record and send us messages and memories - it really did make Mr Owen's last day very special and memorable.

Mrs Jackie Johnson made this BRILLIANT cake!

The Final Whistle

Mr Owen had one thing he wanted to do before he left - and that was to referee one last football match.  So of course we had to arrange a Haughton staff match!!  

Two teams were drawn from names in a hat - 'Knox's Knockouts' (Red) and 'McCormack's Maulers' (Blue).

Each team even had their own furry mascot!

Bayley - suppawting Knox's Knockouts

Buddy - suppawting McCormack's Maulers!

Some photos from the match....

Our lovely cheerleaders encouraging the players along!

Match Report

The match was fast and furious with end to end action. The capacity crowd were in fine voice.  There were cheer leaders and even a 'magic sponge' crew on hand for any sporting injuries!

There were lots of chances for goals, some great saves from the goalkeepers... and maybe one or two balls blasted over John Randall's fence!

Remarkably the score was 0-0 at the final whistle - which meant PENALTIES!

After tense discussions, the goalkeepers and penalty shooters stepped up. 

The shootout went right to the wire, with Knox's Knockouts finally getting the win!!  They celebrated (maybe gloated a little) and proudly paraded their trophy!

As a final twist, post match discussions revealed that the reds played the match with an extra player..... so in true Haughton style, it was decided to declare the match a DRAW!!

Well done everyone and a special shout out to Mrs Thornton who won Player of the Match!

Thank you to all staff for joining in - it was such a fantastic, fun and fitting way to say farewell to Max and a fun memory for all!

Thank you from Mr Owen

"I would like to thank everyone for the wonderful send off you gave me on Friday, it was a fantastic day filled with happy memories which I will carry with me for ever.

I was overwhelmed with your kindness and generosity and extend my thanks for all the lovely gifts I was bought. I wish everyone at Haughton all the very best for the future and send you my love".

Max Owen