Haughton School

Our Visions & Aims

At Haughton School our vision is to:

Ensure our children achieve to the best of their abilities with fully inclusive classes following an adapted curriculum that meets statutory guidelines.

Ensure that the pupils are provided with a range of opportunities to experience and enhance success.

Ensure the school curriculum, quality of teaching and environment enables outstanding achievement and behaviour for learning.

Ensure that teaching is of high quality and progress can be tracked effectively so that the children can continue to make expected and better than expected progress.

Ensure we have a strong Leadership in place to secure the strategic direction of the school and implementation of the vision.

At Haughton School our aims are to:

Help each child develop his/her academic, social and practical abilities to his/her highest level.

Promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of each child at the school.

Help each child achieve self-confidence, initiative and independence to help to prepare them for opportunities, responsibilities and experiences in later life.

Promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

Create a school community of caring, sharing and learning.

Ensure relationships between children, parents, carers, governors, school staff and other professionals is open and supportive based on mutual trust and respect.

Provide a high quality of teaching with appropriately trained and experienced staff.

Provide a safe and secure learning environment for all pupils, staff and visitors.

Provide a happy learning environment where children’s achievements are recognised and praised and valued.

Provide a range of age appropriate learning experiences which are exciting, challenging and engaging.

Work within our financial boundaries ensuring, where possible, best price is achieved.

What are our measurements to support the vision and aims:

Pupil Achievement: (in head teacher report)

Whole School Targets are:

Reading 88% make 2 levels progress, 30% make more than expected

Writing 91% make 2 levels progress, 30% make more than expected

Maths 88% make 2 levels progress, 31% make more than expected

Every classroom environment, resources and teaching enables all children to achieve their abilities and access the curriculum on offer. (measure is feedback from lesson Observations/Work Scrutiny/Planning in head teacher report).

Extra-curricular activities/ residentials and trips are noted (In head teacher report)

Behaviour: (in Head Teacher report)

We aim towards zero exclusions.

Attendance is above 94.5%

There is a reduction in violent incidents in the Behaviour Report log.

Quality of Teaching:

At least 75% of teaching is independently judged as outstanding with the remainder as good. (see head teacher report linked to lesson obs/work scrutiny/planning)

An effective assessment tool is in place to ensure progress is monitored at individual, class, key stage and whole school level (on a termly basis to Governors linking to whole school targets)

Leadership and Management:

Ensure that the school website is kept up to date (Website Audit completed and actions monitored each term).

Ensure active monitoring of the School Vision against the School Development Plan (Governor meetings/ on-site visits)


Parental, staff and pupil surveys are conducted once a year (adverse issues responded to/ actions put in place and monitored).

Governors Newsletters issued at least 3 times a year.

School Newsletters issued at least twice a month during term time.

Attendance of parent evenings/ annual reviews/ coffee mornings monitored.


School is working within the agreed overall budget.

Ensure active monitoring of the overall Financial budget (at each termly committee meeting)