Haughton School

Brake's Kids Walk & Road Safety Day


Children in school took part in Brake’s Kids Walk which is a Nationwide event organised by the road safety charity, Brake.

In their classes, children and staff took a short walk around the local area. The purpose of the walk was to promote the benefits of walking and for children to learn about road safety, including the green cross code and how to stop and look for potential hazards when close to roads.

Children also enjoyed a variety of road safety activities in their classes throughout the day.

Well done everyone for a very educational and fun day!

Haughton School on the Radio!

Here's the clip of Mr Bradney and some of our Class 10 children being interviewed by BBC Radio Shropshire about The Brake's Kids Walk and our Road Safety Day.

Well done everyone, you were all fantastic!

Here's a link for the clip, we are on around 2:08.20.

Adam Green - 20/06/2024 - BBC Sounds