Haughton School

School Transport

Children can be brought to the school by their parents/carers or they may be entitled for transport provided by Telford & Wrekin Council.

In order to be entitled to transport via Telford & Wrekin Council, children must live at a distance greater than 3 miles from the school.

Full details of the transport policy/entitlement can be found at http://www.telford.gov.uk/info/20025/school_information/10/home_to_school_transport.

Transport may be provided for children who live nearer than the above distance if they have specific transport needs. Written professional evidence will be required to support such a request as detailed in the Telford & Wrekin Council Education Transport Policy

If a child is entitled to transport this will be via either a mini-bus or a private taxi. In all cases the company will contact parents/carers in advance and will agree pick up and drop off times in line with route planning undertaken by the transport section of the council.  It is endeavoured that no child should spend longer than one hour per journey to and from school.

In order for transport to be arranged parents will need to complete an online application form available at https://webforms.telford.gov.uk/form/273