Haughton School

Medical Matters

Accident/Injuries in School

If your child has an accident at school, he/she will be treated immediately by a qualified school first aider.  If an injury is serious, we may take your child to hospital for treatment.  You will be informed if this happens. You will always receive a First Aid slip indicating the nature of your child’s injury and the treatment provided.

On very rare occasions, we may ask you to come to school to collect your child due to illness. We do not have a Nurse based at the school.

If your child is ill or suffering from a contagious disease please do not send him or her to school as this will assist in the prevention of the illness spreading to others.

If your child is absent from school with sickness and diarrhoea as a result of a virus or gastroenteritis they must be kept off school for 48 hours following the last episode.

Your child may see the school doctor or school nurse regularly for a general medical, weight and height checks and again for hearing and vision checks. 


Head Lice

From time to time, some children are found to have head lice.  We request that you regularly check your child’s hair.  We will inform you if we notice that your child has head lice.  Please treat your child at home before returning him or her to school.

For further information on Headlice, please click here:




Threadworms are a very common problem, particularly in children.  It is estimated that half of all children below the age of 10 years get threadworms at some time.

For further information on threadworms, please click here:

threadworm-info.pdf (haughtonschool.co.uk)


Medicines in School

We would prefer your child not to bring medication to school but if, under the instruction of a doctor, this is unavoidable we will administer prescribed medication. Please ensure the label clearly shows your child’s name, dose and time to be taken and send the medicine in original packaging.  The school cannot give children non-prescribed medication.  You will be sent a form home to complete for any regularly administered medication.


Medication Handling

Can we please remind you that medication must NOT be sent into school with your child or put in their school bag. 

All medication (including inhalers) must either be brought into school by a Parent/Carer or handed to your child’s escort, who will pass it on to the school office.  This is to ensure that all medication is recorded and stored safely and securely.

The health and safety of all of our pupils is of the utmost importance and your co-operation is appreciated.  Thank you.


Asthma & Inhalers

The effect of asthma can be frequently underestimated, it is a serious condition and it is essential that parents inform the school if their child suffers from asthma.  You will be asked to complete separate documentation.  Please ensure that the school has an inhaler and volumiser for your child that can remain in school and that the inhaler is in date.



It is vitally important that you inform the school immediately if your child suffers from any known allergy, and provide information regarding the cause and the symptoms of the allergic reaction.