Haughton School

Pioneer Centre Residential Visit - Group 1

3-5 May 2023

After we had arrived the children ate their packed lunches and settled into our Lodge. The children unpacked their bags and made their beds and spent a short amount of time either in the common room or chatting with friends in their own rooms.

After Lunch we met our instructors, Kieran and Finn. The talked us through the safety rules and what activities we would be taking part in during our stay. We then split into our two groups and went off to our afternoon activities. Ms Eadie’s group took part in an archery and climbing sessions and Mr Bradney’s group went climbing and caving. All of the children took part with enthusiasm, bravery and support.

That evening after meatballs and pasta for dinner the 2 groups joined together for a campfire. The children took part in lots of singing games and a talent competition. It was a fantastic evening enjoyed by all.

That evening the children got ready for bed and enjoyed a snack before bed. All of the children slept well and were all very well behaved.

The next morning after a huge, cooked breakfast the children got themselves ready for the fun filled day ahead. In the morning both groups joined together to take part in zip lining and abseiling. Which was great fun and very exciting. Both groups then went their separate ways, with Ms Eadie’s group taking part in caving and Mr Bradney’s group taking part in soe raft building and getting a little soggy.

After pizza for lunch the 2 groups went to their afternoon activities. Mr Bradney’s group played games and team building activities on the challenge course and the on the high ropes trek course. This was a chance for the children to complete an obstacle course high up in the sky. Ms Eadie’s group went over to raft building lake and then completed the challenge course.

After another huge dinner the children had an open session. We all visited the Trading Post where the children had a chance to buy some souvenirs. The children then played basketball and other ball games outside. That evening when the children were all ready for bed, we all had snacks and watched a movie. The children were all very tired from such a busy day and slept well.

On our last day, after the children had packed their things and cleaned their rooms, we all enjoyed a hearty breakfast before heading off to our last activities. It was Mr Bradney’s groups turn for archery and Ms Eadie’s groups turn for the obstacle course in the sky. Both groups then joined together to take part in our last activity the big bounce. A huge inflatable obstacle course.

The children then received certificates in an awards ceremony and said their goodbyes to our instructors. After a packed lunch the children boarded the minibus for the journey back to school. All of the children were fantastic during our residential and a credit to themselves.

A massive than you to all of the children for making our visit a fantastic experience for all teachers and children alike!