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Mrs Rushworth



This week we started our new topic on poetry, we focused this week on narrative poems and enjoyed listening to funny poems and writing our own rhymes! 


We have all worked hard again this week on fractions - we have found lots of hands on practical ways of finding different fractions and their equivalents. Next week 5/6's will continue adding and subtracting fractions whilst the 3/4's will re visit place value to encourage independent learning. 


Something fishy has been going on this week as we have looked closely at fish and compared them to mammals! 


We are loving our topic on Crime and Punishment - those Tudors really were terrible!!!

We loved acting out some gruesome scenes!!!

Forest school and meadow

We have enjoyed playing together outside and had our first fire of the summer term. We also enjoyed singing and dancing around the campfire 🔥 

In cooking we made yummy cheesecake ❤️

We welcomed a new class member to the hub this week , we are so happy to have another friend! 




We enjoyed celebrating Science Week this week! 


Happy Friday!

This week in Literacy we started our new book, ’80 Days Around the World’ we are enjoying this story as we like learning about travel and different countries.  In Geography we discussed the countries we would visit if we could!

In Numeracy we are still busy measuring, we have measured in mm, cm, and M. We have measured ourselves, classroom objects and worms we made out of playdough! Next week we are doing multiplication 😊

In Topic we made edible soil from all kinds of yummy ingredients! We learnt about the different layers and then ate our soil! And the worms! Mmmmm!

The rain has not stopped us playing outside this week, we have wrapped up warm, we really enjoyed climbing the trees in the forest.

We made pancakes on Monday and learnt about Lent on Tuesday. We learnt about how Jesus was tempted in the desert, Mrs Rushworth tempted us with chocolate cake! Some of us had more control than others!!!!!

We have been doing Yoga this term, this week we were so chilled we all had a little lie down!!!

Have a lovely weekend 😊


We have had a lovely last week, we are all very tired, but happy 😊

In Literacy we wrote a formal letter to King Charles, and some informal letters to each of our friends. We posted the letters so hopefully the children will get a nice surprise in the post! Today we wrote invitations to our Lunar New Year party.

In Numeracy we have continued learning about measuring perimeter and area, and money. After the holidays we will be measuring lengths , adding and subtracting lengths and finding equivalents.

We had two very important events this week, Children’s mental health week, where the message was ‘Speak Up!’ something we love to do!! And Internet safety day where we discussed staying safe online – we all had very sensible ideas.

Love was in the air today as we celebrated Valentines Day early ❤ We also celebrated Lunar New Year, we enjoyed dancing like Chinese lions and trying some Chinese cuisine!

Have a super break and we will see you on the 19th 😊


We have been busy this week in Literacy writing a Newspaper report about the animals escaping the zoo! (We wrote the story last week in Literacy last week.) We have been learning about writing in past tense and using alliteration.

In Maths, group 1 have been measuring the perimeter of rectangles and group 2 have been counting money! We have enjoyed playing shops 😊

We enjoyed using drama in our science lesson to explore what plants need to grow – then we planted some cress seeds in different environments to observe how they grow.

In Computing we added sound to our scratch projects – we made a countdown for our rocket launch!

Today we enjoyed music with Emily – our Opera is coming along nicely! This afternoon we made yummy meatballs in cooking and were inspired by Jackson Pollock to take our art outside.

Have a lovely weekend 😊



Phew! What a busy week!!

In Literacy we have worked so hard recapping lots of the skills we have learnt during this term, describing using adjectives, adverbs and similes, instruction writing and sequencing and we have paid special attention to our handwriting 😊 we have gotten very neat!

In Numeracy we decided to practice our addition skills – we have used different resources to help us learn more independently.

In topic we had a fabulous time learning about water resistance, we designed our own boats and had a race – kitty cruise ship was the winner!

Forest school was muddy this week – toasty marshmallows kept us warm – we are learning to take risks safely.

The children really enjoyed putting our measuring skills to the test in cooking – we made some delicious frosty cupcakes.


Another amazing week in the hub! 

In Literacy we have been reading and watching some famous fables - it was fun to work out the morals behind the story! Last week we wrote our own fable with the moral 'In a world where you can be anything, be kind' We talk about the importance of being kind a lot in the hub and the children are constantly amazing me with their kindness to each other. 

In Numeracy we have been busy measuring- perimeter, area, volume, mass - you name it we have measured it! The children loved measuring volume best with our very own Costa!!

In Topic we have continued learning about different forces- learning about gravity and air resistance- unfortunately, no eggs survived the parachute drop! However, we have learnt a lot about gravity! 

Despite the cold we have really enjoyed getting some fresh air in the meadow, lighting a fire to keep warm and enjoying a hot chocolate. 

In music we enjoyed using the boom makers to play along to Jingle Bells.  We did some great singing too!


Hello everyone!

What a busy week!

The children have been working very hard in Numeracy, in the Hub and our link classes! We have been using giant number lines outside to practise counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. Inside we have been working on square numbers, prime numbers, and cube numbers!!! Phew!!!

In Literacy we are enjoying reading ‘Wind in the Willows’ and we are writing our own animal reports. We have researched our animals and used colourful semantics to write super sentences. The children have thrilled me with their interesting facts.

In Topic, our new topic is ‘Feel the Force’ last week we had a super fun tug of war!! Who knew the children were so strong?!! This week we have been exploring magnetic forces.

We celebrated Diwali this week – we looked at a real sari and tried it on, Mrs Rushworth had worn it to a Hindu wedding. We also had special Diwali cakes called Mithai to sample.  We made colourful mandalas.

On Monday we talked about Bullying. We discussed kind and unkind behaviours and who we could tell if we, or someone we knew, was being bullied.  We know that there are many different types of bullying, and it is never ok.

Have an amazing weekend 😊



Sorry we have written for a while!

We have been very busy learning and playing.

In Literacy we have been continuing learning about our book “Beauty and the beast’ we have been using different nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives to write super sentences and we have used hot seating in drama to explore the character’s different feelings and personalities.

In Maths we have been learning about different 2d and 3d shapes. We made some shapes using spaghetti, play dough and blocks. We have been naming the shape’s properties.

In Topic we have been learning about volcanoes. We made our own exploding volcanoes!

We have been thinking a lot about the weather and exploring signs of Autumn outside.

We are all really enjoying music with Emily.


Another lovely week 😊 The children are still getting to know one another and settling well into our routine.


We started our new book/film this week – Beauty and the Beast. We have been learning about the new characters and using adjectives to describe.


We have been continuing our topic on Place value, group 1 are working on 2-digit numbers and counting in 5’s and 10’s, group 2 are learning about 4-digit numbers and counting in 50’s and 100’s.


We have all enjoyed linking with our link classes for PE, computing , science, and history. We enjoy spending time with our link friends too.