Haughton School

School Bottle Top Recycling Challenge

We are currently taking part in a challenge to promote the importance of recycling.

We are aiming to fill a colourful mesh giraffe, supplied by The British Ironwork Centre, with plastic drink bottle tops that we collect.  

Geri the giraffe is standing tall in reception and is enjoying having her tummy filled with the bottle tops!

Geri is staying for the month of May so please keep collecting for us and don’t forget to ask friends and family too - we can keep emptying and refilling her.  If we get enough we will get a special trophy!

Children in school will be using the bottle tops to create something inspiring for our school or the community. Whether this be something innovative or creative.

Geri will encourage children to get involved with recycling as well as helping to educate everyone about the importance of looking after our environment.

Thank you for your support!