Haughton School

Mrs Worton's Retirement

Today we said a fond farewell to our wonderful Mrs Worton!

Mrs Worton has worked at Haughton School for an incredible 32 years! Over this time she has made a huge impact on many, many children - and staff too!

In her HLTA role, Mrs Worton has worked with children across the school in all classes.  She has also been the school's R.E. Co-ordinator and has arranged children's swimming sessions.  Mrs Worton has also run our School Council - she has always being passionate about giving children a platform to come up with ideas and make decisions about their school life.

Mrs Worton has been on many school trips, outings and residentials over the years.


Retirement Celebrations and Gifts!

Goodbye from the children...

All children in school were given a blank jigsaw puzzle and asked to create a design on it.

On Monday, in their class bubbles, children visited Mrs Worton with their individual  puzzle pieces, which they each placed on a board to form a big jigsaw.

It was a lovely opportunity for Mrs Worton to see all the children and for goodbyes to be exchanged.  She was thrilled with the children's puzzle pieces.

The completed jigsaw puzzle is going to be framed in a glass case and Mrs Worton has a special place in her home where she is going to hang it.

Mrs Worton also received some special drawings and messages from the children which she said she will treasure.


Goodbye from the staff...

At the end of our PD day on Wednesday, staff gathered outside in their class bubbles to enjoy some refreshments and to say farewell to Mrs Worton.

Mrs Knox said some lovely words and Mrs Worton gave a little speech thanking everyone - she shared some special memories and some funny stories from over the years (she has lots of those!).

Mrs Worton was presented with some beautiful flowers and gifts.


A personal farewell message from Mrs Worton...

To all my Haughton family I would just like to thank you all for the wonderful memories that I will take and hold in my heart forever. Haughton is an amazing school full of exceptional people who have been there to share special times and offer support during times when you might just need a hug or friendly smile. In recent weeks I have been asked will I be sad to leave, but there is no sadness just happy memories of special times spent with special people young and old.

Wishing everyone good health and happiness always

Gill Worton xx


Thank you Mrs Worton - we will always remember you as being dedicated, hard working, extremely positive and kind and caring.  

Goodbye, we'll miss you!  Come back and visit us when you can!