Haughton School

Easter Fun

Children have enjoyed doing lots of lovely Easter themed activities in school this week.

This morning children arrived in their classrooms to find a special letter from The Easter Bunny!  The Easter Bunny said they had lost some golden eggs around the school building and they needed the children's help to find them!

Children had to search around the vicinity of their classrooms to see if they could find a photo of a golden egg.  The finder then had to take the photo to the school office, where they were able to exchange it for a real golden egg! 

All classes held their own Easter Egg hunts - children had great fun, working out puzzles and finding the eggs around school!

This afternoon, we had a very special visit from The Easter Bunny and The Easter Duck/Chick!!!  They visited all classrooms to say Happy Easter to the children and they had lots of lovely Easter treats to hand out to the children!  

It's been a really lovely end to the term.  Happy Easter everyone! We hope you all have a lovely break.