How the learning environment helps our children

Our school is fully accessible, one-story building.

At Haughton School we have a happy and secure learning environment where all children’s needs are met and where achievements are recognised and praised.

Through the curriculum we promote our children’s spiritual, moral and cultural development along with their physical and emotional wellbeing so that our children are secure, confident and well-motivated.

All children are supported in acquiring the knowledge, skills and confidence which will enable them to lead full, interesting and independent lives as possible, developing personal responsibility and encourage decision making through age-appropriate learning experiences, which are both exciting and challenging.

Relationships between staff and children are nurturing and supportive to meet the individual needs of our children and are mutually respective.

Within school there is a focus on “total communication” (Makaton, sign language, symbols, schedules, objective reference, etc.) that supports our children to access the learning environment to the best of their potential.

The curriculum is delivered in a multi-sensory way and the use of specialist equipment and resources support our children’s access to their learning.

In school we utilise a sensory room, ICT equipment, sensory play resources to further enhance learning experiences.