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Within school we follow ‘Letters and Sounds’ a systematic synthetic phonics programme that is used to support children with their reading and spelling.

We also draw upon other approaches that may support individual children for example Jolly Phonics and sight reading.

The ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme consists of 6 phases, which the children progress through at a pace that is appropriate to them.

Phase 1 focuses on discriminating sounds, recognising rhythm and rhyme, alliteration, voice sounds and then moving onto oral blending and segmenting.

Phases 2 to 6 work in a systematic way, teaching each letter of the alphabet (grapheme) and the sound it makes (phoneme). Moving on to digraphs (two letters that make one sound) and tri-graphs (three letters that make one sound). Oral blending and segmenting progresses into blending for reading and segmenting for spelling. Each phase also teaches a list of high frequency and tricky words.

Children are given the opportunity within their lessons to read and write words and sentences. Alongside we also teach sentence structure and punctuation.

‘Letters and Sounds’ is designed to be delivered to Early Years and Key Stage 1 children: as a school we have decided that the programme will run throughout, giving all of our children the opportunity to develop their reading and writing.

Below outlines the frequency of lessons within each class per week:

Badgers 2 (one of which is an extended session)
Class 1 3
Classes 2-6 4
Base 4
The Den 4


The children in Year 1 will undertake the Phonics Screening Test in the Summer Term. Children in Year 2 can re-take the test if they previously did not meet the threshold.

Staff within school have received internal and external training on the delivery of ‘Letters and Sounds’.

Below are some links to useful websites that can offer support and information for yourself and your child. Click on the pictures to be taken to the sites.


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Mr Thorne Does Phonics – have a go at practicing your sounds. 


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