You can access a copy of our Curriculum Policy here.

The Curriculum

“We always like to keep parents as informed as possible about the work that the children do at school. We send home an overview of each topic that tells you what we are teaching and the curriculum areas that it links to.”

We aim through our curriculum:

· To provide a balanced education with a wide range of challenges and new experiences open to all.

· To further the children’s interest, enjoyment and aesthetic awareness with special emphasis on creativity.

· To experience a wide range of physical and creative activities which develop good health, good co-ordination and   the ability to work co-operatively.

· To ensure that all children acquire knowledge, skills and understanding in line with their potential.

· To enable the children to express their ideas and feelings and to develop a sense of celebration.

Through our teaching we aim to:

· Enable children to become confident, resourceful, enquiring and independent learners.
· Foster children’s self-esteem, and help them to build positive relationships with other people.
· Develop children’s self-respect, encourage them to understand the ideas, attitudes and values of others, and           respect other people’s feelings.
· Show respect for a diverse range of cultures and, in so doing, to promote positive attitudes towards other people.
· Enable children to understand their community, and help them feel valued as part of it.
· Help children grow into reliable, independent and positive citizens.

Lessons are delivered to allow children the opportunity to learn in different ways, these include:

· Investigation and problem solving
· Research and discovery
· Individual, paired and group work
· The use of ICT
· Visits to places of educational interest
· Creative activities
· Role play
· Designing and making things
· Participation in physical activity

In Badgers, Class 1 and Class 2 the children have opportunities for child initiated learning, this is based on the philosophy that all children irrespective of age or ability can learn most effectively when they are actively involved in the world around them, enabling them to make sense of it and construct new knowledge. These sessions are known as Plan-Do-Review. Children are supported by the adults to develop independent learning skills and then encouraged to extend their language and thinking skills during the Review time.

All children are taught in accordance with the National Curriculum requirements. Each class in school enjoys highly structured Literacy and Numeracy lessons for four days of the week. In addition, “Letters and Sounds” has been adopted to further develop children’s phonic skills. Each child has an individual Literacy and Numeracy target which is worked towards in Target Time.

Children are also taught science, information and communications technology and religious education, which are the remaining core subjects of the National Curriculum.

We have recently introduced the International Primary Curriculum in order to deliver the foundation subjects in a thematic, creative and practical way.

The Arts (art, dance, drama, music) are an integral part of life at Haughton. They enhance and enrich our curriculum and make a vital contribution to the ethos of the school.

In addition, personal, social and health education forms a significantly important aspect of our curriculum. Children are made aware of the moral standards that govern their actions in school and the wider community.

Religious Education is provided in line with National Curriculum requirements. Assemblies are held for all children, which are broadly Christian in spirit. In addition, important festivals of other religions and cultures are featured as and when appropriate. Parents have the right to withdraw their children from religious education and collective worship and those children will be supervised undertaking other appropriate activities.

Base Provision

The specialist Base resource provides a learning environment for those children with more severe autism who are not yet ready to access our larger classes on a full time basis. It affords these children the opportunity to develop independent work skills and self management of their behaviour through a highly structured teaching style based on the TEACCH approach. The children are taught in a low stimulation, clutter free room which aims to limit the likelihood of over stimulation caused by too many objects or too much information being in their field of vision
In addition the high staffing ratio provides these children greater opportunity to focus on their learning and to modify their behaviour where necessary. Staff are trained in autism specific approaches and have high levels of experience and knowledge in the field.
The Base operates in the morning, with the majority of children joining their identified classes in the afternoon. This affords the opportunity to learn alongside their peers and to transfer their skills within a larger group setting.

Informing you about your child’s progress

All children in The Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 have a home-school book in which we endeavour to report particular activities or issues your child may have encountered each day. Children with more complex difficulties, particularly those with communication difficulties continue to have a home-school book throughout their time at Haughton.

We have two parents evenings each year and one Annual Review/EHCP meeting where the Annual Review/EHCP of your child’s Statement is completed. These are pre arranged times when we are able to share general and more specific progress reports with yourselves.

An end of year report for your child is completed towards the end of the summer term.

At any point in time we are happy to share with you our records of your child’s progress. We regard these as “confidential” being available only to parents and guardians.

Extra curricular activities

A variety of clubs are offered to the children at lunch times – Fantasy club, Soft play, Computer club to name but a few.

Throughout the year we offer after school clubs. Access to Activities run an after school club on a Monday. When the funding is available we are able to offer activities that can range from football coaching to dance, cookery and gymnastics.

We have family evenings both recreational and educational and of course our termly school disco.

Residential visits are an important aspect of life at Haughton. During your child’s time at our school he/she will be invited to participate in this invaluable activity as appropriate. All children in Key Stage 2 are offered the opportunity to participate in a one week residential each year usually during the summer term. Children in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 undertake a range of day visits to places of interest.

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